Winning Your Case at Discovery with Richard Halpern

Gluckstein Lawyers' 4th Annual Risky Business Conference: Case Updates and Practical Tips took place using a hybrid model, on November 29, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our Risky Business conference aims to educate lawyers, law clerks, health care practitioners, and others who wish to understand the nuanced aspects of medical negligence claims. The conference provides tips and guidance on meeting the challenges of medical malpractice litigation, ensuring clients get all they deserve.

Winning your Case at Discovery examines the following:

  • Why Would You Want to Win Your Case at Discovery?
  • How Are Medical Malpractice Discoveries Different?
  • How to Formulate Questions
  • Dealing with Objections

Richard Halpern provides case studies to exemplify these various topics including examples of good and bad questions. The overarching theme is thoroughly understanding the science of your case before discovery.

This presentation contains 15 minutes of CPD Accredited Professionalism content.