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Neuro Education Events Hosted by the Niagara Health System

We are fortunate at Gluckstein Lawyers to support the Neuro Education events hosted by the Niagara Health System (NHS). 

The Goal

NHS is dedicated to providing care close to home for our Niagara residents whenever possible. However, patients with brain and spinal cord injuries must travel to Hamilton or beyond for all of their acute and neuro-surgical treatment.   The Educators at NHS wanted to ensure that the nurses were using up-to-date knowledge, best practices and specific techniques when caring for these patients. In collaboration with Hamilton Health Sciences, this Neuro Education initiative provides proactive education and supports individual patients who are returning to NHS.

The proposal to fund nurses for Neuro Education was recognized and approved by the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) Education Fund.


Gluckstein Lawyers’ Participation: Lunch Sponsor

Thanks to Charlene Duliban and Karen James for formulating the proposal and hosting educational events in the community hospitals. Thank you to  Brenda Bousfield and Sera Nicosia for providing instruction to the nurses in Niagara.

Gluckstein Lawyers’ specific participation in this educational initiative is by providing lunch to the dedicated nurses who are part of this worthwhile experience.