2013 Sunnybrook Orthopaedic Acute Care & Beyond Conference

Default photo used for 2013 Sunnybrook Orthopaedic Acute Care & Beyond Conference

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers have supported the Sunnybrook Orthopaedic Acute Care & Beyond Conference since its inception in 2008.

This year was the best year ever. The attendance was up and the calibre of the presenters was amazing.After the welcome remarks from Deb Carew, Dr. Wayne Evans enlightened the registrants with his presentation on the Hyperbaric Chamber. The conference included presentations on; pain management, care of the multiple injured patient and malnutrition. However, the most intriguing presentation of the day involved the staff of D5. Those staff members are obviously a dedicated group of compassionate and capable individuals who guided the conference attendees through the incredibly complicated management of a complex patient, including lessons learned through experience.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers would like to thank this years conference committee, with a special thanks to Girlie Hart who headed the committee for an incredible job again this year! Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers very own Bernard Gluckstein was at the event taking photographs. We have posted some of the photos here, for the rest; please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/gluckstein.lawyers. These photos show a few of the lucky individuals who won on the Wheel of Fortune at the Gluckstein Personal Injury booth!



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