3rd Annual Orthopaedic: Acute Care & Beyond Conference 2011

Default photo used for 3rd Annual Orthopaedic: Acute Care & Beyond Conference 2011

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, personal injury lawyers, is a proud sponsor of this year's Acute Care & Beyond Conference, taking place at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

The Keynote Speaker is John Cairns, a well-known motivational speaker, whose presentation is "A Winning Attitude: A Leg to Stand On". Charles Gluckstein will be speaking on "Managing Complex Care Cases under the New Automobile Regulations". Other topics you can look forward to are:

  • Delirium & Dementia
  • It's Hip to Care
  • Everything You Want to Know About Shoulder Arthroplasty in a Nutshell
  • Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring
  • Bones, Joints and Clots: Optimizing Patient Outcomes
  • How to Make Crooked People Straighter
  • Osteoporosis: The Bare Bones
  • Rehab is a Journey, Not Just a Destination.

Speakers are a variety of nurses and surgeons. Don't forget to visit our booth for exciting prizes, information and to learn more about the history of our firm!

For Registration and Information, please contact: Girlie Hart: [email protected]

Remember, your education is never complete! Register today!


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