A Girl, Her Therapy Horse And The Power Of Healing


The journey to recovery for a young car accident survivor named Brianna is paved with hoofs - those of her beloved therapy horse, Ike. Brianna's family turned to Gluckstein Lawyers after she was involved in an accident that left her with a brain injury as a toddler. When Brianna met Ike, they forged bonds of friendship and support that go beyond simply that of rider and horse.


The Accident That Changed A Child's Life

When Brianna was only a tender 19 months of age, she and her mother Sherri were involved in a serious car crash. What followed was heartbreaking news for any mother to hear: Brianna had sustained a brain injury.

Most people do not realize that Brianna lives with a brain injury since she now speaks eloquently. Yet, Brianna struggled with social and life skills. Enter Ike, her therapy horse.

The Power Of A Therapy Animal

Brianna met Ike at Hoofbeats With Hearts. This equine therapy center works with individuals who live with physical and emotional disabilities. Ike has helped Brianna make great strides in her recovery process. He also helped her gain the confidence she needed to interact with her peers, friends, and family.

Now aged 15, Brianna cannot wait to go on rides with Ike. She loves her sweet, headstrong horse. When the two of them embark on a leisurely ride, the two become like one in motion.

Brianna's amazing progress with animal therapy is a testament to the difference that therapy animals can make in helping injury patients in their journey of recovery. It certainly has made a positive difference in this vivacious young woman's life.

Horse or other animal therapies may not be available to everyone. However, Gluckstein Lawyers has always believed that rehabilitation and therapy - medical and otherwise - are an important component of legal advocacy for injury survivors. Our legal team knows the best types of therapy and the best time to offer them. That's part of how we provide the highest level of support possible to our clients and help them achieve optimal recovery. 


VIDEO » Brianna and Ike, Huffington Post » http://bit.ly/1S6pjwj


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