A Holiday Message From All of Us At Gluckstein Lawyers

Snow covered winter scene. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays from our team at Gluckstein Lawyers! We hope you and your loved ones have a peaceful and restorative end to this year.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we couldn't be prouder of our work over the past year, and we invite you all to watch a short video highlighting our most significant accomplishments in 2022. We hope it reminds you of why you put your trust in us.


Gluckstein Lawyers Holiday Colouring Contest 

To get in the spirit of the holiday season we have created two activities for you to enjoy with your family. The first is a Gluckstein Lawyers themed crossword puzzle, featuring law and Gluckstein related clues. Please leave a space in between words when filling out answers, for example: if the answer to a clue was "ice cream", please leave a space in between words.

The latter is a colouring page-- we will be holding our first annual colouring contest with a $25.00 reward for the winner! Simply download the Gluckstein Lawyers colouring page, print it, complete it and send it back to our team at campaigns@gluckstein.com to enter for your chance to win a $25.00 Gift-Card.

Submissions will be reviewed when we return from our holiday break on January 3, 2023. We would love to see each and every one of your completed pieces and hope you'll take the time to complete these fun challenges with your loved ones! Be Well!


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