ABI Bra Drive a Success!

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TORONTO - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers together with Neuro-connect hosted the first ever ABI Bra Drive!  It was a great success! This networking event brought together those working in the field of Acquired Brain Injury.

What does donating bras have to do with working in the ABI field?

A lot -- because it boils down to helping others! Lawyer Jan Marin, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers would like to thank Sarah Palmer of Neuro-connect, and Maria Scaringi, Speech-Language Pathologist and Life Care Planner.

Thank you to all guests in attendance; for all your donations given for this worthy cause and the show of support from so many, including Pascale Daigneault, President, Ontario Bar Association.

To quote Maria Scaringi, "It was a pleasure to see so many attend to support this initiative. New ideas and collaborative efforts are welcome because learning is an ongoing process."

What happens to the bras?

Recycling bras is a project of KIDSPEECH & Family Rehabilitation which Maria Scaringi, Speech-Language Pathologist and Life Care Planner, started in Toronto some ten years ago. She collects 'used brassieres' for the young girls and women around the globe who do not have one.

Since rape has been defined as a 'power act', wearing a bra for these young girls and women provides them with increased self-confidence and elevates their status thus reducing their chances of being raped and contracting HIV. Maria has sent thousands of bras over the years to various locales, primarily nurses' and doctors' offices, as well as high schools in Africa, Jamaica, Philippines, Haiti, Columbia to name a few.




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