Accident Victims Deserve More

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On June 6th, 2015 the Toronto Sun posted an article titled, Car Crash Victims Deserve Better Deal. This article expressed concern for accident victims as last week another piece of legislation that favours the insurance industry was passed.

They explained;

"Fraud, we're told, is the main reason auto insurance premiums in Ontario remain stubbornly high, no matter how many times the government cuts back benefits to all accident victims at the behest of the insurance industry, as it did again in its latest budget passed last week. We also think there's another kind of fraud in the insurance industry that needs to be addressed by government. That fraud happens when people who have faithfully paid their auto insurance premiums year after year are hurt in serious accidents and, when they make legitimate claims for the benefits promised in their policies, are denied them. It happens when car insurers fight against paying genuine claims from accident victims, falsely making them out to be the enemy and going to absurd lengths in and out of court to deny them the benefits to which they are entitled. "

The FAIR Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform said, "The budget does nothing to ensure that insurer claims management practices are fair and there has been no action (to deal with) ... the biased and corrupt insurer medical examination reports that are disqualifying innocent and legitimate accident victims."

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers believe that accident victims deserve more; those who suffer following a car accident are entitled to the benefits outlined in their insurance policy.




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