Advances in ABI and Technology Conference

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On May 8-9, 2014 Hamilton Health Sciences presents the 21stAnnual Conference on Neuro-behavioral Rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury. Gluckstein Person Injury Lawyers are a proud Platinum Sponsor for this annual conference. We are thrilled for this years conference highlights that include many innovative technologies that are aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of ABI. You do not want to miss the keynote speakers and their fascinating presentations.

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Amir Raz Ph.D., ABPH, Professor, Department of Psychiatry Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Psychology McGell University & Jewish General Hospital speaking on: Brain Training as a Whebicle for Behavioural Intervention
  • Michael D. Noseworthy Ph.D. P.Eng., Director, Imaging Research Centre. St. Josephs Healthcare speaking on: State-of-the-Art Imaging of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
  • Babak Taati Ph.D., P.Eng. Scientist Toronto Rehabilitation Institute UHN speaking on: Cognitive Assistive Technologies and Intelligent (Neuro) Rehabilitation Devices
  • Sergio Di Giovanni Founder/Survivor speaking on: ABI Health App
  • Stephanie Hornyak M.Sc. Hamilton Health Sciences Regional Rehabilitation Centre speaking on: Smart-phone use for Severe Memory Impairment Following Anoxia
  • Gail Simpson, Occupational Therapist, Complex Injury Rehab speaking on Implementing a New Innovative Tablet Based Clinical Assessment Tool for Mild to Moderate Brain Dysfunction Within Clinical Practive
  • Aaron Stiller, Neuromedical Business Specialist CogniSens Inc. speaking on Neurotracker 3D Multiple Object Tracking: Improving Cognitive Processing, Attention and Working Memory in Those with MTBI and PTSD
  • Mark Farrow, Information and Communication Technologies, HHS Vice President, Chief Information Officer. The Future of Technology in Healthcare
  • Joanne Nunn, Occupational Therapist, Options Therapy, Bill Johnson, Ideas for Independent Living Inc. &
  • Pavneet Arora, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Waroc Informatik speaking on: Control of Environment Equals Control Over Life
  • Jennifer Hendry, B.A., R.T., Clinical Coordinator, Brain Injury Services & Liana McLeod, B.A., R.T., Research Assistant, Brain Injury Services speaking on: Practical Applications: Using an iPad in ABI Rehabilitation
  • Stacey Smith, Behavioural Rehabilitation, Services, TOH-Rehabilitation Centre & Andre Deslauriers, M.Sc.S., Reg. CASLPO speaking on The iPad Not Just Fun & Games

If you are attending this conference we would love to meet you! Please visit the Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers booth and when at the conference please connect with us on Twitter, @Glucksteinlaw and @ABIConference14.

For more information on this event, please visit the website.


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