Applications Open for the 2018 the Jane Gillett Award


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Dr. Jane Gillett: her legacy and respected award

Dr. Jane Gillett was a doctor and a leader in brain injury treatment; well known for her exceptional care of her patients, whether on a medical level or connecting on a human level. As the founder and president of the International Pediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS), she made a notable and important difference in the brain injury community through peer-to-peer support, advocacy, and her legendary gentle touch. IPBIS is committed to continuing and pursuing further research in the field of paediatric brain injury, to improve the quality of life for every child and loved one affected. The Jane Gillett Award was established to recognize those making an incredible difference in the paediatric acquired brain injury field.

A word from Dianne Henderson

"As the proud IPBIS Ambassador for the Jane Gillett Award, I would like to invite nominations from any professionals from any discipline who provide diagnosis or treatment to children and young adults with ABI. Dr. Jane Gillett was a paediatric and adult neurologist who was at the forefront of brain injury treatment. In order to honor and always remember this outstanding woman and to stimulate others to provide services using her philosophies, the Board of Directors of IPBIS created the Jane Gillett Award. This award will be presented at the IPBIS Conference in Belfast in September, 2018 to a professional who assesses, treats or is involved in research that directly enhances the lives of children and young adults with ABI and their families. This professional will be recognized for outstanding contributions and dedication to serving these individuals. Applications are now being accepted until end of day July 14th, 2018. For more information please follow the link or contact me at [email protected]. On behalf of IPBIS, I would like to thank Gluckstein Lawyers of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who generously support this award."

- Dianne Henderson, In-house Medical Consultant



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