Back-to-School Safety Tips: Crossing the Street Safely

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With the new school year starting today, the streets and sidewalks will once again be lined with children and youths. Parents, children, and drivers should remember they all share the roadways around crosswalks and intersections. To reduce the risk of any accidents, here are some tips to keep in mind for a safer trek to and from school.

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Our Marketing Manager Shelly Dhingra sends her little ones off for their first day of school, grades 1 and 4.

A quick glance down at a mobile phone - either by a pedestrian or a driver - can easily result in an accident. Attempting to pass drivers who have stopped to drop their kids off can also result in causing injuries. These injuries can range from minor bumps to more severe situations such as concussions or spinal cord damage.

Talk to Your Children

In an article on, police officers and parents weighed in on some of the road safety concerns they have as children head back to school. Their main recommendation to avoid accidents was clear: talk to your kids.

A simple reminder to look both ways or to hold someone's hand may not be enough to get the message to sink in. Have a conversation with your children about road safety, the rules of the road and crosswalks, and what they can do to help ensure a safe trip.

Reduce the Use of Technology

Being alert to their surroundings provides a better opportunity for children to react to sudden changes, such as impatient drivers or the instructions of a crossing guard.

One important tip is to talk about technological distractions that may take a child's focus away from the road, such as cell phones, earbuds and headphones. It can be difficult for children to concentrate on what is going on around them if their attention is focused somewhere else.

If you - as a driver, passenger or pedestrian - have suffered an injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, consult a legal professional to understand your rights to accident benefits and any long- or short-term disability claims.


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