Be Cautious - STOP Texting and Driving!

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It is not new information that texting and driving is dangerous. There are several campaigns that try to outline just how serious this issue is. Often these campaigns are used to target young adults and inform them of the consequences.

Recently, AT&T created a video to help with this mounting concern. They uploaded a video to YouTube and Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, believe that this video is something to share. This video is a great example of how effective video marketing can be and it outlines clearly why texting and driving do not mix. We suggest you share this with your children and friends, see the following link to view the AT&T's video;

Under Ontario Legislature:

We thought it would be a good reminder to let you know what the consequences are when caught driving and texting in Ontario.

Distracted driving is the use of electronic hand-held devices, while operating a motor vehicle and includes; dialling, texting, typing, emailing or chatting using a hand-held device. All of those are illegal in Ontario and if you are caught you will be fined. In Ontario the fine is $155, which is supposed to serve as the main deterrent for individuals using hand held devices while driving. However, the focus should be on the greater issue. That is that several lives are in danger when you are a distracted driver, as tragic yet avoidable accidents can happen when being a distracted driver, view our blog post on distracted drivers; Please put away your hand held device and concentrate all your attention on being an alert and defensive driver.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers' strongly advocates for safe driving do not become a statistic.




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