Bike Helmets SHOULD be Mandatory for All Ages

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The Globe & Mail did an article on how important bicycle helmets are for everyone, and how wearing one should be the law for all ages. This article focused on safe cycling, which is something that needs to be addressed, since rates of cycling injuries and fatalities have increased with a particular age demographic, those over the age of 19.

In contrast, since instating a law, that all individuals under 18 years of age must legally wear helmets while cycling, Ontario has seen a decrease in injury and fatality with this age demographic. According to this article, Ontarios chief coroner has insisted the province expand its bike helmet law to include adults. It is noteworthy that British Columbia and Nova Scotia already have laws in place requiring all cyclists to wear helmets.

Recent statistics, outlined in this article, demonstrate that more than 60 percent of cycling fatalities involve riders 19 years of age or older. Furthermore, in 80 percent of those fatalities, the cyclists were not wearing helmets. These statistics are upsetting, given that many of these cycling fatalities could have been avoided by riders simply choosing to wear a helmet. We support the efforts of groups like the Brain Injury Association of Canada and the Canada Safety Council who are working tirelessly to ensure this legislation changes so that it is mandatory for ALL people to wear a helmet while cycling regardless of age.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers will continue to advocate for safe cycling. Please join us and spread this message: Bike Helmets SHOULD be Mandatory for All Ages.

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