Can Music Cause Brain Injuries?

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Over the years there have been many reports of studies performed demonstrating how beneficial music can be on people's health and overall wellbeing. However, an interesting Globe and Mail tells a story where music may have done more harm than good.

According to this article, researchers from the Department of Neurosurgery of Hannover Medical School, in Germany studied a patient who was admitted to the hospital in January 2013. This man had attended a heavy metal concert a month prior. Since that time he began experiencing debilitating headaches that were getting progressively worse.

A CT scan was performed and showed that the man was suffering from chronic subdural hematoma. Chronic subdural hematoma is when blood has clotted and accumulated in-between the layers of the protective lining in the brain. Doctors concluded that since this patient had no history of trauma to the head, substance abuse, or medical issues, this injury was caused by head banging, "The doctors concluded that 'head banging, with its brisk forward and backward acceleration and deceleration forces,' caused some of his veins to rupture and bleed inside his head.''

Perhaps the message here is enjoy your heavy metal...but you might want to go a little easy on the 'head banging'.

If you would like more information, please view this article below.



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