Can your smart-phone save you a ticket?

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With smart-phone technology gaining momentum it is not surprising that many states in The United States are looking into changing legislature to allow insurance records to be stored and displayed on individual smart-phones as an electronic version of proof of insurance.

According to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI), nearly half of state legislatures are considering this change.PCI director, Alex Hageli stated,States are taking another step into the Electronic Age by changing their laws to allow drivers to show their insurance ID cards on their smart-phone. Pretty much every motorist has been there at one time or another, digging around in the glove compartment box desperately trying to find your insurance card after being pulled over by the police. No longer will motorists be ticketed and have to take time off of work to go to court for driving without insurance just because they couldn't find a current ID card in their car. This is such a common sense switch that will save everybody time and effort.

It appears that having this option would assist those who are pulled over and are unable to locate their insurance card at that time. Having insurance information stored on ones smart-phone would save many individuals time, since court would be avoided. With the U.S. considering this and jumping on smart-phone technology to aid drivers and insurance companies, it wont be too long before Canada is proposing these options as well.

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