Canada is ready for the 2014 Paralympics!

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It was thrilling to see the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics in Sochi, Russia commencing on Friday March 7, 2014. Canada announced on March 5, 2014 that Sonja Gaudet would be the official flag bearer for our country. Gaudet a Paralympic athlete, will be participating in wheelchair curling at this year's Paralympics, which is quite exciting considering she only began the sport 10 years ago.

Gaudet was left paralyzed from the chest down when she fell from her horse over a decade ago. When asked about her thoughts on the her participation in this year's Paralympics, Gaudet stated,

"This carries a lot of purpose for me. We're here to compete as athletes with a physical disability at the highest level . . . and for me [that] sends a big global message about looking past the wheelchair, the visual impairment, looking past the missing limb and really focusing on the person and what's there."

Gaudet continued, "(The Canadian Paralympic Committee ad campaign) says it perfectly. We don't want people to see what they see what they see when they first see us. We want them to see the athlete, the person and not notice what's missing, but notice what's there. And that's ability."

What a fantastic message!  We are cheering on our Canadian Paralympic Athletes!

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