Canadian Research To Improve Access To Mental Health Services In Spinal Cord Injury

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A Canadian study has identified that only 43 per cent of individuals living with spinal cord injuries receive the emotional counselling treatment they require. One Canadian researcher is setting out to change that. University of Regina post-doctoral research fellow Swati Mehta wants to ensure that spinal cord injury sufferers get the counseling they require to improve their quality of life.

Treating both physical and emotional injuries

Although it is important for those living with spinal cord injuries to receive physical therapy, emotional support is also crucial. Through her research, Mehta discovered that people affected by spinal cord injuries can feel stigmatized. Social interactions can also bring on depression and anxiety, which can make it difficult to cope with others on a daily basis. That is why Mehta began a research project providing a behavioral therapy course for subjects living with spinal cord injuries. The eCentreClinic in Australia developed the course and Mehta is working with them collaboratively. The aim in developing this course was to provide participants with simple and effective techniques for managing depression or anxiety symptoms.

A promising study for the best recovery results possible

Participants of the study take an eight-week course that provides insights into situations that they may encounter. It also challenges participants perceptions about their everyday experiences and looks at how their experiences differ from other people in their lives who may also be experiencing anxiety and depression. Mehta's goal, for participants is to create an improvement in their quality of life.

Better support for spinal chord injury patients

She hopes that once her research is concluded, it will be published or that workshops will be created to assist clinicians in providing mental health services to individuals living with spinal cord injuries. Gluckstein Lawyers is a strong supporter of research that helps improve the quality of life of individuals living with spinal cord injuries. We wish Ms. Mehta all the best with her research.

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