Changing Your Workout May Help to Avoid Injury as You Age

2018.09 exercise

Regular exercise, staying healthy or maintaining a specific physique are all admirable goals. However, the level of exertion and stress to your body to fulfill these goals can pose a health risk as you get older. 

2018.09 - exercise
Many Losses Can Stem from an Injury As an older individual, the losses resulting from a personal injury to your limbs, spinal cord or muscle groups can be many. Your ability to provide for your family, earn an income and maintain your regular routines could be at risk. How Your Body Changes Over Time According to an article in The Globe and Mail, workout injuries in older individuals can stem from stiffer joints, loss of flexibility and overexertion. Changing your gym routine to accommodate these changes can help you maintain a safe workout. Changing your workout doesn't mean that you will not be able to sculpt your body the way you want. It means utilizing the weights and equipment in other ways that reduce the wear and tear on your body. Tips to Modify Your Workout to Suit Your Age You can still train and push yourself as you did before, but consider modifications to compensate for natural changes in the body over time. Examples from the article include: lighter weights, less repetitions, longer recovery periods and less exertive exercises - like yoga. These tips may help your body avoid the risk of overexertion, and the potential harm exhaustion can have on your muscles.
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