Charles Gluckstein on Distressed Clients

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The Canadian Bar Association posted an article about lawyers and managing emotionally distressed clients. The article is called "Lawyers: Gatekeepers for Psychological Issues." This article dealt with family law, bankruptcy claims and of course, personal injury law. Who did they choose as a representative for personal injury lawyers? WHY, CHARLES GLUCKSTEIN OF COURSE! And why not? With the reputation of being one of the most repeatedly recommended lawyers in the area of personal injury law for Toronto, Charles certainly understands how to handle clients. Understanding your clients' emotional state will help you communicate better with him or her. As well, it is important to speak in plain language. Always make sure your clients understands what you tell them and let them know you acknowledge their feelings. One of the big stressors for clients is debt. Charles advises creditors on behalf of his client's that his client's case is ongoing and to wait until the case is resolved before continuing with collection attempts. This is one way he tries to help alleviate some pressure for his client.

Charles says," This takes some pressure off the client, so the bank and the telephone company aren't hounding them, and they don't feel like their world is caving in. It's worked with Revenue Canada, credit card companies, and banks."
Charles also arranges for meetings with the client's medical team to guarantee that the client is receiving appropriate treatment. He realizes there must be a separation from his duty as a lawyer and between the duties of medical providers: "I want the doctor to be dealing with the medication if the client is depressed." Charles remains caring, but objective at the same time. It is okay to be compassionate and empathetic but never forget about your own self-care. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers has always stressed the importance of rehabilitation for our clients and we have always maintained good relationships with treatment providers. This is why we participate in various conferences throughout the year, and even host compassion fatigue seminars throughout the province. This article also discussed the idea of vicarious trauma which is a term that often is used with compassion fatigue. Constant exposure to distressed people can take a toll. Lawyers can suffer from compassion fatigue too! It is that constant drive to help and get the best result for the client that is a propelling force for many. And so, we have now dispelled the rumour that lawyers are hungry wolves, and learned that lawyers do care- personal injury lawyers really do! We aim to help our clients find the balance in their lives, while maintaining the balance in ours. Stay tuned to find out about Charles's next speaking event on May 30th regarding Work-Life Balance.



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