Charles Gluckstein teaches you how to Leave the Paper Behind with Primafact on November 12, 2010

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Being a personal injury lawyer is synonymous with being buried in paper. Paper, paper, everywhere! But, there is a solution. A Solution? How can that be? If you are curious, you simply must attend the seminar being given by Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyer's Charles Gluckstein to find out.

On November 12, 2010 at 8:30 am at Atrium on Bay, Sky Room, in Toronto, Charles Gluckstein will share his experience with moving towards a more paperless practice with the use of the program Primafact. Primafact is a sophisticated documented management system for litigators. Charles Gluckstein has been recognized by his peers in the annual Canadian Legal LEXPERT Directory as one of the most repeatedly recommended lawyers in the personal injury area of law in Toronto. So what can Primafact do for you?

  • With Primafact, you can instantly search millions of pages for any word or phrase
  • You can review your notes and annotations instantly!
  • Email and print documents with ease!
  • Publish documents to CD
  • Your document system is portable! Take it with you on your laptop to meditations, discoveries, trial (home, vacations...for those really ambitious people)

Learn first hand how Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers uses today's technology to organize and efficiently retrieve incoming and outgoing documents for all aspects of their cases. Learn how to maximize your legal practice, lose the suitcase and lose the backache! Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers introduced Primafact to their practice in the Fall of 2004. Imagine organizing and producing an Affidavit of Documents in minutes rather than in days...having all the documents sorted in virtual binders, all at your fingertips! That is the advantage of a paperless office. To register, call 1.888.726.3228.


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