Charles Gluckstein weighs in on LSUC Vote & ABS Position

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Charles Gluckstein, of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers and former OTLA President was recently quoted in an article from titled,"Mixed signals seen in results of LSUC vote."  

When discussing the "Ontario Trial Lawyers Association's lobbying against the liberalization of law society rules to permit non-lawyer-owned alternative business structures (ABS)," Charles was quoted explaining how "the association's campaign raised consciousness within the profession about potential harms to the public interest when law firms are publicly traded or otherwise controlled by non-lawyers."

He said, "When we tallied it, 28 of the 40 benchers were candidates that we had endorsed, and that's not including the treasurer who we also endorsed...Out of the remaining 11 that made it, four were outright in favour of ABS - many of them were on the uncertain, yet-to-be convinced category and so therefore weren't on our endorsed list...we're very, very pleased with the results."

At this time, OTLA is encouraging LSUC to exercise patience and allow more data to be collected regarding the impact of ABS in the U.K. and Australia.

According to this article Charles predicts it will be a year before benchers vote on this matter and in the interim Charles said, "We're going to remind those that we endorsed of the views that they had at the time of the election, and we're going to continue to lobby those that did not give us their position, or were in favour of ABS, to try to sway them."

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