Compassion Fatigue 2014: Overwhelming POSITIVE Response!

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November 18, 2014

On Tuesday, October 28th, the 9th Annual Compassion Fatigue Seminar was held at St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre in Toronto. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers hosts this event annually and collaborates with medical professionals and care givers as a way of giving back to them with this uplifting seminar and conference.

This year was a tremendous success! Many thanks to our featured Guest Presenter, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, founder/director of the Trauma Stewardship Institute and to Ann-Marie Ahye who ended the day for the group with a guided relaxation session.

Enjoy photo highlights of our day . . .


When asked what our attendees enjoyed most about this year's conference, here's what they said:

  • "I really enjoyed the day with Laura - great presenter - really relatable material and super helpful."
  • "I like to be with the Gluckstein family and others - it is like a family reunion."
  • "Laura hit the nail on the head with passion and understanding with a level of depth, wisdom and humour."
  • "The relaxed atmosphere. The relevance of the speaker to my issues. The speaker. The humour."
  • "Everything - great setting, food, companionship and speaker."
  • "Laura is the best speaker that I have ever heard!"
  • "Entire Day - Excellent!!"
  • "As always - FANTASTIC! The Gluckstein office knows how to put on a worthwhile workshop. Well done."
  • "Loved this workshop - I come every year."
  • "Thank you for this opportunity. I truly enjoyed the seminar and will practice what I learned today."

Celebrating our 10TH ANNIVERSARY

Next year marks our 10th Annual Compassion Fatigue anniversary and it will be sure to impress! We already have tickets on hold for registrants from this past conference! Be sure to stay in the loop and don't miss next year!



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