Compassion Fatigue Seminar 2009

Default photo used for Compassion Fatigue Seminar 2009

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers sponsors an annual Compassion Fatigue Seminar. The 2009 Compassion Fatigue Seminar was a tremendous success with various attendees and two very knowledgable speakers, Dr. D. Posen and Dr. J-H Pffiferling.

Compassion Fatigue affects professionals, caregivers, relatives and support workers who deal with clients or relatives with serious injuries on a constant basis. Certain individuals are inclined to overstep his or her personal boundaries in order to help another. While altruism and generosity don't go unrecognized, the consequences to the self are almost irreparable. The conference promoted ways to avoid compassion fatigue; it is as simple as even saying "no". The speakers warned against developing a 'deficit' in your energy and encouraged the delegates to learn to pace themselves.

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