Concussions & TBI: The Impact

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To continue the important discussion of the impact of Concussions & TBI, this blog is a follow up to a previously posted blog titled, Concussions & TBI.

As stated in a Globe and Mail article titled, Making Headway on Concussions, "Injury is, by far, the leading cause of death for children, teens and young adults - and half of those deaths are due to brain injury."

Toronto Physician, Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute in Toronto, created a fantastic video titled, Concussions 101: A Primer for Kids and Parents. This video is very helpful for parents, teachers, coaches etc. as it outlines important symptoms such as headache, dizziness, loss of balance, blurry vision etc. that can be overlooked with diagnosing a concussion. Watching for symptoms following an incident is essential, especially considering they do not necessarily appear or dissolve immediately following a concussion.

As outlined in this article, The University of Calgary found that nearly 13.7 per cent of children still had concussion symptoms three months after a mild concussion and 2.3 per cent of those same children continued to show symptoms for more than a year.

As explained throughout this article, the challenge with concussions is that doctors can only use cognitive tests to determine their severity. Dr. Jamie Hutchison, research director in critical care medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto said, "There's just so much we don't know about traumatic brain injury, there's a real push to identify and fill the gaps."

We may not be able to always prevent concussions; however, it appears that the diagnosis and monitoring the symptoms is essential to a full recovery. We can help minimize the misdiagnosis, to avoid the realities of an untreated concussion, which can lead to a more severe outcome.

This is why we at Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers want to be a part of the prevention. We continually provide critical information to increase the public's awareness of the impact a concussion can have.



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