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An article by Sue Montgomery, which appeared in the September 14, 2011 edition of the Montreal Gazette, deals with a wrongful-death suit which has been filed in connection with the death of boxer Arturo Gatti. Erika Rivera, who had a daughter with Gatti, alleges in her suit that Amanda Rodrigues Gattis 25 year old widow violently bludgeoned and asphyxiated the championship boxer. In explaining how the balance of proof differs in criminal cases as opposed to civil law suits, Ms. Montgomery quotes Bernard Gluckstein, partner at Toronto-based Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers. She states that Mr. Gluckstein cited the O.J. Simpson case as a famous case instance of a wrongful-death suit. Ms. Montgomery then quotes Mr. Gluckstein as having added: Notwithstanding the fact that O.J. was convicted. Mr. Gluckstein was misquoted. Of course, O.J. Simpson was not convicted.



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