Defeat of Joint and Several Liability Reform a Victory for Victims

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Charles Gluckstein, Immediate Past President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA), took an early lead in the fight against restrictive Joint and Several Liability reform with regard to municipalities.

Powerful interest groups lobbied for changes to the law -- changes that could have left victims of serious injury without sufficient compensation. The defeat of Joint and Several Liability reform is a victory for innocent victims throughout Ontario.

Because of hard work on the part of the OTLA and its strategic partners, the Provincial Government recently indicated that it will not continue with a review of Joint and Several Liability respecting municipalities.

The push for changes to the law came from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and its insurers. In explaining why the government decided not to move forward with the review, officials referred to the same arguments put forth by the OTLA.

First, there is legitimate concern that changes to Joint and Several Liability could result in victims' not having enough compensation to cover the costs of accidents caused by others' negligence. Second, there is clearly a lack of data to suggest that reform is needed. The OTLA lobbied, wrote letters, made written submissions and partnered with a number of legal groups, all to protect the rights of innocent victims.

In a recent newsletter, OTLA President Steve Rastin took a moment to thank Charles Gluckstein for his work in this important matter.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers will continue to protect victims' rights by raising awareness and advocating for those who have suffered injuries caused by another party's negligence.


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