Dianne Henderson recognized for her support of Brain Injury Association of Niagara

Congratulations are in order for Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers' Dianne Henderson.

Dianne Henderson is the Medical Consult for Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers. She recently received an Appreciation Award in recognition of her ongoing support of the Brain Injury Association of Niagara a not-for profit agency, committed to maximizing the quality of life for individuals with brain injury and assisting their loved ones by providing support, advocacy and information.

Gluckstein Lawyers

For over 40 years, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers has always been providing our clients with expert advice on serious injuries. Injuries to the brain and central nervous system require a very specialized understanding of the legal and medical issues involved. At Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, we have developed an extensive knowledge of the legal and medical aspects of these injuries and we maintain strong ties with the medical community.


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