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680 News has been announcing for the past few days that the Ontario Provincial Police is cracking down on distracted driving. Now, we have heard this many times before, since the February 2010 full fledged application of the law banning hand-held devices and texting behind the wheel, but I think it's time we took it seriously.

This latest distracted driving campaign is being dubbed "Phone in one hand, ticket in the other".

The OPP will be on the lookout for speeders and distracted drivers. Drivers will be stopped if they are seen:

  • changing the radio
  • eating
  • or looking for something in their vehicle

I know everybody loves their iPods and Tim Horton's Drive Thru...but do you really want to be paying up to a $2000 fine for a careless driving conviction? Using a cell phone behind the wheel will cost you $155.00. Pull over to make that call or answer that email. A bluetooth headset will cost you less than that ticket! More than 8500 drivers were charged by the OPP for using hand held devices last year. So, plan your iPod playlist ahead of time, eat before you head out the door and keep your eyes on the road...



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