February 29: Inspire change with a leap of faith


February 29th... a day to inspire others. Also known as Leap Year Day, it's unique and special because it comes but only once, every four years. 

On Leap Year Day, Gluckstein Lawyers will be participating in #My24Hrs with acts of kindness throughout our community.

An act of kindness can change the course of another's life. This Leap Year, let's #payitforward all year long.

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On Leap Year Day, due to its uniqueness, we felt it would be the perfect opportunity to promote the importance of kindness and introduce Gluckstein Lawyers' #My24Hrs of random acts of kindness. On February 29, we will be participating in various acts of kindness throughout our community.

Inspire us . . . if I were to say to you, "Just go for it?" what would "it" be?

For us, "it" would be to raise awareness through advocacy of deserving causes; by spreading compassion, caring and support to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. The firms' philosophy is echoed by Charles Gluckstein:

"We always reach out to make our clients feel a part of the Gluckstein Family. We care about our clients and stay connected with them. It is encouraging to see that we continue to expand our family of staff and lawyers to include a connection with the clients and community that we serve well beyond the time span of a case."

We are grateful to share this extraordinary moment with you all and hope that you will join us on our journey to promote kindness in our communities.

Join the conversation, share your stories

On February 29, if you would like to get involved and continue the inspiration, join Gluckstein Lawyer's #My24Hrs by telling us about your acts of kindness. Be sure to check all our social media outlets on Monday, February 29th.

Leave your inspiration in the comment section below.

How will you spend your extra 24 hours?

We hope you cherish this leap day, as it is your day to enjoy what matters most to you.

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." -- M. Shepard


We would love to hear from you on February 29th or sooner! Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in "Leave a Comment" found below.


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