Get Ready For World Smile Day On October 3


In Support of Three To Be Foundation

Earlier this year, Gluckstein Lawyers participated in a worldwide #My24Hrs by sharing random acts of kindness in our community. This Fall, all of us will have another opportunity to diffuse good vibes around the globe. If you've not yet heard, World Smile Day is coming on October 7th. We're starting earlier with 10 Days of Smiles!


Put on a Smiley Face for THREE TO BE 


EVENT |   #SmileDays »10 Days of Smiles

SPONSORSHIP |   In support of Three To Be Foundation

DURATION | October 3-13, 2016

WORLD SMILE DAY |  October 7, 2016

Gluckstein Lawyers will participate in spreading kindness and good cheer with our own  #SmileDays - 10 days of shining a spotlight on Three To Be Foundation from October 3rd to October 13th, 2016. World Smile Day is celebrated on the first  Friday of October, with this year's celebration falling on October the 7th.


Let's share a smile  (???)

For 10 days, share your photos of the best smile, stories, and messages that bring a smile. Win prizes! All for a worthy cause: together, we can move dreams forward for children with neurological disorders -- with a simple smile!

Gluckstein Lawyers is committed to making a donation to Three To Be Foundation for the most likes, smiles, and shares posted to our social media channels.

Join us and share a smile on:

  • Twitter   
    • Tweet @gluckstein law 
    • Use hashtag #SmileDays 
  • Facebook   
    • Post your photos, messages by tagging @gluckstein lawyers 
    •  Remember to Like, Share, Smile, or Comment -- all engagements count!
  • Instagram
    • @gluckstein lawyers » double tap, every like counts!
    • Use hashtag #SmileDays 


Look forward to seeing your smiles!

Proud Sponsor of THREE TO BE's CONNECT Event 

We are a Proud Champion Sponsor of THREE TO BE's 2nd Annual CONNECT Event which will be held on October 13, 2016. Monies raised support Three To Be's initiatives towards innovative research, education, therapies, and programs for the broad spectrum of childhood neurological disorders.

This year's CONNECT Keynote Speaker is Christine Elliott, Ontario's Patient Ombudsman. Business leaders, philanthropists, professionals and special guests come together with leadership donors and supporters to celebrate and strengthen the connection that allows THREE TO BE to make an impact on the lives of so many affected by childhood brain disorders.

Proceeds from CONNECT will be directed towards a groundbreaking and high profile study called Child-Bright, a pan-Canadian study that focuses on the "whole" child - from brain repair and early interventions to improved outcomes and community supports for children with neurological disorders. THREE TO BE is a leading funder of this 5 year, $25 million study, along with the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and other renowned institutions across Canada.


The Famous Smile From The 1960s


In 1963, American commercial artist Harvey Ball put yellow and black together in a simple design. The result has since become world's best-known emoticon - the smiley face. It's the international symbol for good will and good cheer.

But the more the smiley became commercialized over the years, the more the iconic image's original meaning become lost. In 1999, Ball decided to take action to preserve the impact of his design and declared the first day of every October as World Smile Day. Ball died in 2001, but the tradition has continued through the sponsorship of the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation.

Starting in Ball's hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts and emanating from an unknown number of locations around the globe, this year's World Smile Day will feature a smorgasbord of events, contests, performances and other initiatives - all designed to promote smiles, kindness, and good cheer internationally.

Individuals, communities, schools, businesses and organizations worldwide will be participating. This year, it's your chance to experience this extraordinary annual event which is sure to bring plenty of positive emotions to both givers and recipients.

Whether it's delivering meals to the needy, sharing your smiles on social media, smiling to strangers you pass on October 7th or some other way you can think of to share positive interactions, Gluckstein Lawyers encourages you to get out there any make someone's day, starting with a simple smile!

Let's share a  (???)


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