Sick Kids: Gluckstein Lawyers Education Award

SickKids Award Pic

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers are proud to support Sick Kids with the Gluckstein Lawyers Education Award Fund. This award promotes the importance of continuing education for trauma care staff.


Sick Kids is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of paediatric health care and with the Gluckstein Lawyers Education Award Fund they are able to provide their nurses with the opportunity for ongoing professional development. This includes the expansion of their skills, knowledge and ensures they have the most current and progressive training.

With this award, Sick Kids is able to send nurses to various Trauma conferences, which expand their knowledge and skills. Thus allowing them to bring what they learn back to the hospital and apply it in their work. Yvonne Howard, Registered Nurse in Emergency Medicine said,

"Attending the trauma conference helped me to begin visualizing how our department would handle a mass casualty. It was well-planned, and the speakers were inspiring. My attendance has had a significant impact on my professional and academic development, and your support in this endeavour was invaluable."

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers are delighted to be able to assist with continuing education by providing nurses with opportunities to learn advanced techniques, helping Sick Kids remain a leader in care.


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