Grant Money to Expand Services for Canadians with Disabilities

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Canada currently has about 5 million residents who live with disabilities. For obvious reasons, it is often difficult for people with disabilities to fully participate in community activities and obtain certain kinds of employment.

Ontario residents living with disabilities will be interested to know that a kinesiology professor at McMaster University was recently awarded a federal research grant to fund a seven-year project meant to improve quality of life for people living with disabilities.

With the $2.6 million grant, the professor plans to work with more than two dozen partners in the community, including Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and March of Dimes, to help people with disabilities understand what sports and recreation activities are best for particular kinds of disabilities. In addition, the funding will be used to help people with disabilities obtain meaningful employment and gain better access to public spaces.

For many people with disabling conditions such as spinal cord injury or brain injury, it is in these areas -- recreation, employment and mobility -- where an improvement in quality of life needs to happen. 

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council awarded the grant to kinesiology professor Kathleen Martin Ginnis. Speaking specifically of employment, she had this to say: "So often people with disabilities are underemployed. We want them to be able to gain leadership positions, be socially connected and utilize their skills."

In terms of helping Canadians with disabilities independently navigate their communities, the project is also aimed at ensuring that municipalities keep sidewalks clear and provide proper access to public transit.

You can read more about the project in the source we've linked to below.

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