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When you move from province to province or from community to community, it is often a challenge to find a new family doctor or health care provider. The challenge is even greater if you do not have connections in the medical field.

Welcome to Health Care Connect: a program of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that sets out to help people find a regular provider in their community. Priority is given to those with the most need for family health care. For families that register together as a group, the program will try to find one family health care provider that can accept the whole family, if possible.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers LLP believes that one of the key components to rehabilitation and recovery is service providers and the care that clients receive. A large role is played by family care providers and family physicians. It is important that our client's have family care providers and this program is most helpful in ensuring that family care providers are available in communities and give priority to patients with the most need for it.

Health Care Connect is a provincial program that helps patients in Ontario who are without a family care provider to find either a family doctor or nurse practitioner. Once registered with HCC, the patient is set up with a Care Connector who takes care of matching and referring. Care Connectors are nurses who are employed by Community Care Access Centres across Ontario who work with the families to find the appropriate providers in their areas.

To be eligible to register for Health Care Connect:

  • You have to be actively looking for a regular family health care provider;
  • You should have a valid OHIP card;
  • You do not currently have a family health care provider/are not enrolled with one.
To find out more about the program, visit the Health Care Connect site:



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