Hoping for a Miracle - Brain Injury and Michael Schumacher

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Just weeks ago former Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher was seriously injured in a downhill skiing accident. NDTV Sports Online, described this incident in an article titled, Spotlight on Artificial Coma in Michael Schumacher's Case.

Schumacher has been in intensive care since December 29th, 2013 and his accident displays how impactful the consequences of head injury can be.

How was Michael Schumacher injured?

Schumacher's accident happened while skiing in the French Alps and his fall was so extreme that it resulted in his helmet being split in two. Excessive speed, inadequate signage, and faulty skis have been ruled as attributing to his accident, however they are still investigating.

According to this article, "Surgeons at Grenoble University Hospital say they decided on the coma after operating on bleeding and bruising in his brain. They carried out a post-operative scan that revealed "widespread lesions" on both sides of the brain. A second operation, to treat bleeding, took place on December 30."

World champion faces unknown future and a potential devastating outcome from head injury.

This once seven-time world champion now faces an unknown future and a potential devastating outcome from this head injury. It is still extremely early for doctors to measure the full extent of the damage that Schumacher will face; his condition is stable but still remains serious as doctors in Grenoble hospital continue to treat his injuries.

According to this article, "In accidents of a similar severity, patients often had a disability after their emergence from coma, the sources noted. Recovery can be a very long road. In some case, patients improve between a year and three years later."

Important reminder

This unfortunate accident reminds us how important it is to take precautions while enjoying winter festivities. It is essential to wear a helmet and protective gear when participating in all sports and activities. Please be safe this winter and remember to take caution while enjoying your favorite pastimes.




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