Identifying High-Risk Drivers

If you are a driver who has quite a few tickets and possibly an accident or two racked up on your record, you may be known as a high-risk driver. Being a high-risk driver means that you are going to have some trouble getting auto insurance that is affordable, or it could even be a barrier for an insurance company to be willing to insure you. A high-risk driver is defined as a driver who presents a high probability of having an at-fault accident in comparison to other drivers on the road. The designation can usually be determined by a variety of factors:   What does it mean to be designated as a high-risk driver? Being considered a high-risk driver by car insurers can cause a driver a lot of trouble. Even if a driver is insured with his or her company while coming to be considered a high-risk driver then your insurance company could refuse to renew your policy, even if you have been with them for a long time. If you are out an insurance company it could be tough to find another insurance company that willing to insure you as a high-risk driver. Usually, those who are seen as high-risk drivers pay a much higher premium than those who don't have that designation. On average, a person with a high-risk designation could pay up to 25% more on car insurance than her counterpart who is considered a low-risk driver. Keep in mind that car insurance premiums vary across provinces and the amount of increase paid for high-risk drivers probably varies.   Comments We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts about high-risk drivers in "Leave a Comment" found below. Links Insurance for High-Risk Drivers: Who Needs it and Why? Sources  


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