Information About Common Types Of Head Injuries

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There are multiple ways in which a traumatic head injury could occur. Assaults, falls and motor vehicle accidents are just three of the situations that could cause it. The term head injury is one that people likely hear a lot. This is unsurprising when one considers just how many types of injuries it includes. When someone talks about a traumatic head injury it is likely that it one of four common types: scalp wound, concussion, open injury or closed injury.

A scalp wound may result in external bleeding when the skin covering the skull is damaged. In addition to bleeding it could lead to tissue damage.

Concussions are well known in large part due to the frequency in which they happen to athletes at all levels. Among other symptoms, someone who has suffered a concussion might have a headache or lose consciousness.

When someone suffered an open injury, the damage that individual suffered has penetrated the skull. Skull fractures could be the result or bones from the skull could end up in the tissue of the brain, causing the brain’s tissues to bleed.

A closed injury results in damage to the brain in the form of swelling or bruising. Unlike an open injury, brain tissue is not penetrated and the skull is not broken open.

The treatment someone who has suffered a brain injury will receive depends on a variety of factors including the type and severity of the injury and the overall health of the person who suffered it. Treatments prescribed range from rest when an injury is mild, to medication and surgery if it is more severe.

After securing proper medical care, those who have suffered a head injury as the result of the negligent actions of another person, could benefit from contacting a personal injury lawyer. That individual can help determine whether a personal injury lawsuit could be successful.




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