Injured at a Concert

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We find pleasure in many activities, some extreme, some relaxing. Whatever it is, we often find ways and means of entertainment on the road to self-fulfillment. Sadly, tragedy can strike even when we least expect it.

Picture yourself at a concert taking in the sounds of your favorite band. Easy enough. Now, try to imagine seeing the stage collapse right in front of you.

Most of us don't want to contemplate something this horrific but this is precisely that actually happened right here in Toronto at a Radiohead concert about two years ago. It was a beautiful day for a concert with fair weather when emergency calls started coming in at around four in the afternoon.

It was just about an hour before doors were scheduled to open in Downsview Park where the band was scheduled to perform. For those present on the grounds, setting up their booths and working, it was totally out of the norm when a loud noise startled everyone.

Those within eyeshot were privy to the horrific display while others were left in a panic, trying to figure out what was going on.

The stage had collapsed and unfortunately there were tragic consequences.

A thirty-three year old man was fatally crushed and three others were injured, one with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The victims were part of the stage crew, still setting up and working before the show.

As such, these injuries and fatalities are handled under Ontario's Workers' Compensation legislation known as Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

The concert was sold out, and had an expected attendance of around forty thousand patrons. As word of the accident spread, people were asked to stay home and were told about the cancellation due to an unforeseen activity.

Charges were brought up against Live Nation Canada (the production company) by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the case is still ongoing.

This story is heart breaking and it is very fortunate that fans had not been present on the grounds during the accident.

Another incident, this time in Ottawa suffered a similar fate about three years ago. The concert was well underway, with Cheap Trick entertaining the crowd at the Bluesfest festival when an unexpected storm rolled in. The area was lashed with rain and lightning and a gust of wind led to the collapse of the stage.

A total of eight people were injured, thankfully none were killed.

Since then, lawyers representing Cheap Trick have filed a million dollar suit alleging poor construction and supervision by the stage company Groupe Berger.

Another company, Project X Production, was named as a defendant and is being held responsible for allegedly not making them aware of the danger and risk to their equipment which was damaged and had to be replaced. A truck driver for the music band who was physically injured has also filed suit, seeking compensation for his pain and suffering and interruption in his life.

An investigation found that the stage had not been properly installed and time will tell of the outcome. If you are accidentally hurt in any manner, it is in your best interest to call a personal injury lawyer.

As with the cases mentioned above, there is no way to predict when and how you can get injured or worse.

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