Is It A Good Idea To Get Brain Injury Patients Up And Out Of Bed?

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There is no question that many brain injuries are serious and can result in symptoms that linger long after the incident that produced the injury. Because of the complexities surrounding this type of injury health care providers do not all agree on the best treatment approach to treat the condition. This means studies on treatment approaches are often going on.

The results of one such study were recently shared with the public. This particular study looked to see what, if any, benefits exist when someone with a brain injury is instructed to get out of bed and move. The neo-intensive care nurse who conducted the study focused on 600 brain injury patients admitted to the ICU, over the course of a year.

Though not always physically easy to do, as soon as possible the brain injury patients were provided assistance to get out of bed. Some even undertook this rehabilitative activity within the first day of arriving at the ICU.

The study found that there were several clear benefits to getting a brain injury patient up and moving—even just a few steps to a chair—including:

  • Less time spent in the ICU
  • Less time spent in the hospital
  • Fewer pressure ulcers
  • Fewer infections
  • Less time on the ventilator

The theory behind this study is that movement helps the body to heal by reducing inflammation, swelling and the risk of blood clots.

This is because movement increases circulation. Brain injuries can occur in a variety of situations. When the negligence of another individual or entity plays a role, a personal injury lawsuit could be viable



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