Is There A Connection Between Brain Injuries And Energy Drinks?

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There are many ways in which individuals of all ages suffer brain injuriesWhile athletics and motor vehicle accidents may the first thing that comes to mind, the most likely reasons will vary depending on the specific demographic someone falls into.

A study recently conducted by a neurosurgeon from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto focused on teens. Traumatic brain injuries can be especially detrimental to teens.

According to a study they may result in the following type of consequences:

  • Psychosocial
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive

The study, which defined TBI as the loss of consciousness by a person for at least five minutes, or a one night hospitalization, specifically focused on teens who suffered the injury and their consumption of energy drinks.

The study is of note because it linked the specific type of injury with the beverage rather than just injuries in general. Specifically, within the last year, teens who suffered a TBI were seven times more likely to have had a minimum of five energy drinks in the course of a week, than those who never experienced a TBI. There was also a correlation between consuming alcohol mixed with the energy drink and TBIs in teens.

While it is possible that TBI could be the result of risky behaviour on the part of a teen, in other situations another person’s negligence could be to blame. In these situations it is possible that the negligent party could be sued by the person who suffered a TBI.

A personal injury lawyer can consider the circumstances and help determine whether this course of action makes sense.



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