Learning about Brain Injury in New Orleans

New Orleans 2017

Learning about brain injury from expert litigation professionals and the latest in brain injury from internationally recognized authorities in New Orleans! We were thrilled to attend these pivotal brain injury conferences held on March 29 to April 1 in New Orleans, USA - the 12th Annual World Congress on Brain Injury and the 30th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury. 


  New Orleans 2017.png As a firm advocating on behalf of persons with brain injury, we believe in on-going professional development to provide the highest level of care to our clients. Two members of our team, Bernard Gluckstein, and Dianne Henderson represented the firm in New Orleans for the 30th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury presented by the North American Brain Injury Society. It was held concurrently with the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury, presented by the International Brain Injury Association, and is considered the largest gathering of brain injury professionals in the world. International professionals assemble at this yearly event to discuss, share, learn and cross-pollinate with some of the greatest minds advancing brain injury research, as well as brain injury litigation. The Gluckstein team was there for ongoing professional development, with an eye to improving our knowledge about traumatic and acquired brain injuries. Our commitment to educational development allows us to continually improve the quality of care and service we provide to our clients. During the conference, our team had the chance to connect with recognized professionals to share knowledge and information about advances in brain injury research and litigation practices. At our firm, learning is intrinsic to our service to clients. We are deeply concerned with on-going developments in the field of brain injury. We will also continue to be actively involved in contributing to its advancement, and in using the knowledge we gain for the benefit of our clients. Gluckstein Lawyers remains proud to be a strong advocate for individuals with traumatic and acquired brain injury.
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