Long-Haul COVID and Long-Term Disability Claims

Sad unhappy man sitting on the sofa and holding his forehead while having headache. Unpleasant pain and discomfort.

Gluckstein Lawyer Steve Rastin has recently been in the media discussing the barriers people may encounter with their insurance company if they suffer from long-haul COVID and cannot return to work. Steve suggests that this is going to be a massive battleground as people fight for their rights. While people are suffering and left struggling to get through the day, insufficient medical evidence will be the excuse insurers offer to deny a claim. Read the full articles here: Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Toronto Sun, Legal Matters Canada. Our long-term disability lawyers have experience representing people with disability claims and the skills to deal with chronic pain cases and invisible disabilities. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we serve clients across Ontario and are here to work with you. Contact our nearest office to set up your free consultation. Insurance companies have a responsibility to the long-haulers they insure.


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