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On the 27th and 28th of October the Krembil Neuroscience Centre will host the 8th Annual Krembil Neuroscience Symposium. This is a two day educational program directed at health care professionals working and researching in the field of neuroscience. Registrants at this years event will be treated to a keynote address by Dr. Charles Tator.

Dr. Tator has left an unmistakable and significant mark on the world of spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury research. At present, he is a Senior Scientist in the Division of Genetics and Development at the Toronto Western Research Institute. Additionally he is connected with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, the Canadian Paraplegic Association Spinal Cord Injury Research Laboratory, the McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine, SCI-NET (Spinal Cord Injury New Emerging Team) Group and he is a section editor for the Journal of Neurotrauma. He founded the Think First Sport Injury Prevention Program; a program aimed at educating children and teens about spinal cord and brain injury prevention. He is a member of the Order of Canada, the Terry Fox Hall of Fame and the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Dr. Tators keynote address will focus on traumatic brain injury. While the devastating impact of traumatic brain injury generally and concussion specifically has been highlighted in the media lately given the recent developments in the hockey world, Dr. Tator has been investigating this phenomenon and advocating for injury prevention in sport at all levels way before it became a commonplace and popular topic of discussion. His knowledge in the subject area of traumatic brain injury is immense and he is frequently called upon by the media to discuss and explain the impact of brain injury and its sequela.

A recent Toronto Star article by Randy Starkman (published April 9, 2011) is worth a read as it details, from a personal perspective, how Dr. Tator combined his love of hockey with his passion for injury prevention and his curiosity about the workings of the human brain and turned it into a rewarding and successful career. Dr. Tator can be considered a pioneer in his field and he is sure to provide conference participants with invaluable insight and commentary. Dr. Tators keynote address will be complimented by a number of other renowned speakers over the two day conference.

The 8th Annual Krembil Neuroscience Symposium October 27, 28, 2011The Old Mill Inn and Spa, Toronto 


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