Metal Doors Located Next To Splash Pad Severely Burn Child

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In the summer months many people in the Toronto metro area take advantage or warmer temperatures to engage in outside activities that are not available during the rest of the year.

For families with young children, those activities may include going to a splash pad. While most parents expect that their children receive their fair share of scrapes, bumps and bruises while playing, they likely do not anticipate that their children will be seriously hurt as a result of the design of the facility. Sadly this very thing recently occurred at an area splash pad.

A one-year-old boy, who was playing at the splash pad without any shoes, wandered a few steps away from the splash pad and stepped on metal doors that were even with the ground. The hot metal doors, which were affixed with signs that instructed people to stay off, severely burned the bottoms of his feet.

At the hospital the young child was admitted and treated for second-degree burns on his feet. In addition he also burned one of his hands. Pain killers were administered to help him deal with the pain and experts were called in to determine whether the soles of his feet require skin grafts.

Despite being so close to the splash pad, there was nothing in place to actually stop people from stepping on the metal doors. Since the accident, gates have been erected to keep others from being injured as well. The municipality where the accident occurred has commenced an investigation into the incident.

When someone is hurt as a result of negligence of another party, it is possible that legal action could be appropriate. Whether the boy's parents will pursue this remains to be seen.



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