Musical Talent Developed After Head Injury

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In November the BBC featured a story on their website regarding a US teen who acquired a unique talent after suffering a head injury titled, "US Teen Develops Musical Talent After Head Injury."

Repeated concussions resulted in brain injury

Lachlan Connors, from Denver Colorado, suffered multiple concussions from playing football. The repeated concussions resulted in a brain injury. Prior to his brain injury, Connors' was never successful at playing any type of musical instrument and even referred to himself as a 'tone deaf teen.'

Brain miraculously "rewired" itself

However, according to his doctors, Connors' brain miraculously "rewired" itself, as he is now able to pick up several instruments and start playing them with strange familiarity. In total Connors' is now able to play thirteen different musical instruments.

Dr. Spyridon Papadopoulos, who treated Connors, explains that this type of injury could have caused the once dormant areas of his brain to respond and "pick up the slack," as the now injured areas can no longer compensate. The awakened connections have stimulated the once unused areas of Connors' brain, thus essentially rewiring new paths.

The human brain is remarkable and still has many unknown capabilities.

However, it appears that medical phenomenon's such as Connor's demonstrate how powerful the recovery process is. If you would like to view this article and watch a video of Connors' musical talent please visit this article.



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