MV-1 Vehicles: Built-In Accessibility

Luxury MV 1

You may have driven past one on the road and never knew the multitude of innovations that lay inside the stylish MV-1 vehicle. These wheelchair-accessible vehicles are the only ones to meet or exceed safety guidelines in both Canada and the U.S. As the first of its kind, the MV-1 was specifically designed for wheelchair users and their caregivers. They're an exciting development that is already boosting ease and enjoyment for users across the continent's roadways.

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Universal Design - From Conception To Execution

Before the MV-1, wheelchair users relied on after-market modifications to their vehicles. But modifications are just that - changes that adapt an object for a purpose for which it was not originally conceived. While certainly useful, modifications can still impact the structural integrity of the vehicle.

The MV-1 breaks the mould. They're built in a way that makes wheelchair-user comfort, convenience, and safety integral parts of the design rather than an afterthought.

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Easy Use, Smooth Ride

The MV-1 is built with a number of features to facilitate its use. There's a push-button power ramp with a shallow angle to allow for easy entry and exit from the side.

Unlike conventional vehicles, the MV-1's self-levelling air suspension system easily accommodates the extra weight of even multiple wheelchairs.

Once inside, there's plenty of room for a wheelchair to glide around. A wheelchair passenger can easily sit up front, right next to the driver. Two wheelchairs fit inside with no problem - with still enough room for luggage and cargo.

To boot, MV-1s also sport contemporary good looks.

Gluckstein Lawyers applauds innovation through on-going development, and improvement to enhance the quality of life for accident survivors.


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