NHL News: Concussion Spotters at Each Game

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According to reports the NHL has implemented a new strategy: concussion spotters at each game for the upcoming season. With sport related head injury concerns at an all time high, we are relieved the NHL is taking the issue of head trauma more seriously.


Adding spotters to the game

Each game will have two spotters whose sole job will be to identify "visible signs" of head injury. These 'independent' spotters will monitor and log all possible injuries and hits to the head that are sustained in each game. Unlike their NFL counterparts, NHL spotters will not require medical training or background. Deputy NHL commissioner Bill Daly explained,

"They aren't evaluating the players or diagnosing whether or not they have a concussion. That's the job of the doctors and trainers. All they are doing is alerting team medical staff where they witness or identify an incident where there is a visible sign of concussion."

In addition to the independent spotters each team will employ their own observers to do the same job, who will be able to remove a player from a game, if they see the player exhibiting three clearly visible concussion symptoms.

This new procedure was the result of a class-action lawsuit filed by more than 80 former NHL players, who claim the league "did not properly disclose to players that repeated blows to the head could result in long-term brain damage."

Our firm believes that monitoring players is essential and hopes that this new system will prevent and protect players from sustaining head trauma and create more awareness for how serious and damaging sport related concussions can be.



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What do you think about having NHL concussion spotters at games? 


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