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Pictured from left: Chief of Staff, Dr. Jack Luce, patient Karen, & Foundation Board Trustee and In House Medical Consultant at Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, Dianne Henderson. Photo by Paul Carfagnini

Supporters for a worthy cause filled Club Capri at a feast hosted by The Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation on May 28 in Thorold. Close to 300 patrons satisfied their appetite at the "all you can eat dinner" featuring Chef Pasquale's famous penne pasta in tomato sauce, savoury meatballs, garden salad, and a sweet dessert.

A silent auction stirred up excitement with unique items including an abstract art painting by acquired brain injury survivor Benjamin Sloetjes donated by Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers. Benjamin is a past client of Gluckstein Lawyers, who are proud to consider Ben part of their family and share his art.

All proceeds raised support the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre, which will aid the purchase of patient care equipment, ensuring Hotel Dieu Shaver offers the most optimum patient care experience. Gluckstein Lawyers are a proud event sponsor and continued supporter of Hotel Dieu Shaver as they are the only rehabilitation hospital in the Niagara Region, offering a Centre of Excellence in rehabilitation and complex care.


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