Nicholson Read Supports Spinal Cord Injury Ontario at Recent Fundraiser

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (or "SCIO," formerly the Canadian Paraplegic Association of Ontario) is a charity that assists and advocates on behalf of individuals affected by spinal cord injuries."  At Nicholson Read we have helped countless individuals whose lives were forever changed after suffering a spinal cord injury during an accident."  We are aware of the tremendous difficulty individuals face following a spinal cord injury and we understand the amazing work performed at SCIO."  Nicholson Read is a proud sponsor of SCIO. SCIO-Champagne-Auction-DerekOn March 21, 2013 Nicholson Read was a table sponsor at SCIO's annual Champagne Auction & Dinner fundraising event."  Congratulations to the amazing team at SCIO including its many volunteers and co-sponsors of the event for an amazing job and providing a fun-filled evening! Did you know that there are approximately 86,000 people living in Canada with a spinal cord injury?"  There are about 1500 new cases each year; 40% of these new cases are Ontarians."  Approximately 43% are caused by motor vehicle accidents and another 43% are caused by unintentional falls."  Learn more about spinal cord injuries in Canada here. SCIO helps these individuals."  One major way SCIO helps is through their "Peer Support Program."" "  The Peer Support Program is meant to complement professional medical services."  SCIO takes individual volunteers who have recently gone through a spinal cord injury and pairs them up with individuals just learning to adjust to a recent injury. SCIO-Champagne-Auction-TableIf you have not lived through something as dramatic as a spinal cord injury it can be very difficult if not impossible to accurately relate to someone going through that experience."  The Peer Support Program"  ensures individuals have someone to talk to about all kinds of emotions and issues both large and small associated with a traumatic injury that significantly impacts their lifestyle. Nicholson Read is proud to be a dedicated 50% program sponsor along with Burn Tucker of SCIO's Peer Support Program" ."  The work they do to get people back on track is truly inspiring. Learn how you can help SCIO here , or make a donation here.


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