Nothing Says Happy Family Day Like Penguins!

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What's the connection to Family Day? Penguins provide the perfect symbolism -- one the most family-oriented creatures in nature! On February 20th, we will gather together, spend time and reaffirm the bonds that make our families and communities strong.


One Big Family Community

Penguins are adorable aquatic birds that float through life with grace and elegance. With their dinner-jacketed formality, they are social animals that like to mix and mingle while gliding along with other penguins.

What's the connection to Family Day? Penguins provide the perfect symbolism. They are close-knit creatures that swim nowhere fast without their family or colony. Known to be loving and committed towards each other, these charming and quirky birds never go it alone. Rather, they swim, nest and feed in groups that can grow to include thousands of penguins who happily maintain good rapport with each other.

Getting Through Challenges Together

Penguins travel through life in a large network. They build a harmonious community in which they help each other even during the most extreme conditions. Their indomitable spirit and resilience equip them to take on any challenge; to breed, incubate and raise their young during the harshest winter weather conditions.

After the female lays her egg, the females will travel afield to hunt the ocean or sea, leaving nurturing father penguins to stand guard and protect their precious young. Fathers will incubate the egg, ensuring the newly laid egg stays warm by tucking and balancing it with his toes for about 64 days. He will remain at the breeding site, fasting for up to four months, until the mother penguin returns.

Any birds who stay behind in the colony meet the challenges of daily living through teamwork. While a parent penguin is away, the entire remaining community supports the rest of her brood through thick and thin. Once mother penguin's journey is complete and she's back home, the reunion is sweet.

Enjoy making memories

"We didn't realize we were making memories,

we were just having fun..."

Sending warm wishes for a Happy Family Day from our family to all our extended family of clients and community service providers who assist us in caring for our clients during their recovery. Enjoy the long weekend!


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