Notorious Website Sued for Damages

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There are always a few cases that catch our attention or stand out in our minds for various reasons. Some may remember them as tragic, funny, frivolous or even ridiculous.

Ashley Madison Suit

Last year in 2013, a suit received mixed reactions when it became public. Brazilian immigrant Doriana Silva, a resident of Toronto who was employed by infamous website Ashley Madison at the time, seeks damages against them in the amount of twenty million dollars with an additional one million dollars for punitive and general damages.

The Claim

In her claim she alleges that she was given a task to create one thousand dummy female profile accounts within a three week period in the hopes of drawing in new male clients. This task which required an extensive amount of typing, caused immense pain in her wrists and forearms, causing permanent damage to her wrists and the company should be held liable.

She alleges that she was forced to continue the task even though she made it clear that she was in pain and remains in severe discomfort which affects her daily life, not to mention the financial burden that the medical treatments are incurring. She wants to be compensated based on any money generated from the alleged fake profiles versus the pain and suffering.

Ashley Madison's Counter

Ashley Madison counters that the former employee only complained of the injury a day after her probationary period was over. When alerted of Ms. Silva's situation, steps were taken immediately to remedy the situation. The human resource department arranged to have her evaluated by an independent insurance auditor who found no credibility in her claims. They also had two independent medical professionals diagnose her problem as strain and prescribed rest.

Representatives for the company claim to have obtained pictures posted by the plaintiff of herself on vacation after filing suit, jet skiing and playing the bongos, activities that question the seriousness of her claim. With allegations spewing from both sides, fact and fiction can become very blurry and subjective.


It is very important to be truthful in your claims to allow your personal injury lawyer to be successful with your claim.


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